one who is in love with the face
his nose, his eyes, his ears..ooohhh im a facist!!!
by gay May 12, 2003
Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology that considers individual and other societal interests inferior to the needs of the state, and seeks to forge a type of national unity, usually based on ethnic, religious, cultural, or racial attributes.
When the 3rd Reich was established in 1933 by the great Fuhrer Adolf Hitler he turned the poor German country into the powerful facist state under his dictatorship rule and used it to his advantage to punish those not of the superior race a.k.a the JEWS!!!!!!!!! this extreme idea would be great if it was still around today to get rid of certain indiduals
by alvan chan May 13, 2007
Facism is when people think they are more important than everyone else, e.g: Royalty is facist because everyone is made to look up to them and obey what they say
We should only listen to anarchy!!
by WantsAnarchy May 11, 2005
some one who is using fashion - a facist movement that propagates either one has the face or shame.
facen, fashion, italian facist movement.
by v.i.p. May 06, 2005
Someone who believes in a totalitarian state rule aby a supreme leader (dictator) who treats people harshly for their own sucess. The dictators are invariable rich older men who have secret police and ure guerilla tatics to suppress the populus. They are mean, evil, racists who believe they are better thatn others.
Hitler - use Nazi sympathisers as "police" and intended to wipe out Jew as believed wrongly that he was more important and better than them. Treated people badly, used malicious propaganda.
by Redeemer The Vengence Taker January 05, 2005

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