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When someone attempts to belittle or humiliate a particular person or Facebook friend by updating his Facebook status. This person purposely avoids using the victim's name, but describes him or her in such a way that all mutual friends will immediately know who it is.
(in a status update)

John: wishes that all red-headed Poly-Sci majors who work at a certain law firm would stop facestalking me and get a life.

Mary: Did you see John's status update today?
Mark: Yeah, he was totally talking about Jenny! Who else do we know with red hair who works at a law firm?
Mary: I know, he so facesmacked her!
by a.ann February 09, 2010

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The art of trash talking not in person, but via a social networking site preferably facebook.
Steve: Jim was giving me all kinds of shit online yesterday because of what I posted on my facebook wall.

Tony: Don't let him bother you, he was just facesmacking.
by PWhitdog July 25, 2011