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First heard in the MMORPG "World of Warcraft," this term describes the act of accidently engaging an enemy, and involving your allies in a fight they weren't prepared for.

This action is highly frowned upon, and frequent offenders are commonly kicked from their groups and shunned only slightly less than a Leroy Jenkins.
Group leader: Alright- that was close- let's rez the dead and lick our wounds for a second before the boss-- Awe hell, who pulled?

Rest of the group: That Huntard we PUGged facepulled AGAIN! Kick his ass!
by Eastpunk December 06, 2009
The act of taking a large mouthful of liquor (of any kind) to the face. It must come straight from the bottle, no exceptions. If possible, remove the slow-pour device installed on such a bottle. A true face pull is taken at the maximum liquor flow rate possible. After completing a face-pull one is to repeat the process and demand that another fellow partygoer does the same.
Origin: Boulder, Colorado, USA
"Hayden, I just missed my flight to Boulder to buy a handle of Belvedere. I hope you realize the second you walk in the door you are taking a face-pull."

"Fuck, ok I guess you are right."

by Time is always money February 11, 2012
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