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A facepervert is someone who cannot help themselves, but must look at peoples facebook profiles incessently, often making sly, crude or downright sick jokes about the person they choose to facestalk. They are often ruthless, and need an intervention to stop from this creepy habit. The term facepervert can also apply to any of the following facesturbating perverts, facebook creeping perverts, facebookbating perverts, fapbooking sickos etc.
Julien scares me. His commenting on my 6th grade picture before I learned about mustache wax proves that he was facestalking me. Again. He is really turning into a facepervert. We should hold a facetervention.
#facebookbating #facesturbating #facestalking #facetrolling #fapbooking
by MrsSarahPrice March 23, 2011
Someone who looks through their Facebook friends and their friends' friends pictures at hot girls/guys just to stare at them.
1: Look at this girl, she's so hot.
2: Dude, you don't even know her.
1: Yeah, but... *drools*
2: You're such a face-pervert!
#facebook #pervert #pictures #hot #myspace
by DPX October 30, 2007
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