A failing social networking site falsely claiming to be the very first of it's kind - something you are forced to acknowledge as part of it's registration agreements. Unsurprisingly, the sites "agony aunt" section is hosted by a middle-aged, leather & swastika-clad "dungeon slapper" who openly adheres to fascist viewpoints, all very poorly disguised as satire. It's main target audience (or perhaps it's main attraction) appears to be infantile, mentally-underdeveloped under-18 chavs and chavvettes looking (by own admission in their profiles) for casual sex.

The site desperately coats itself with an heretic, anarchic and sleazy sex-shop theme to distinguish itself from rival (and far more popular) social networking sites, as well as portray itself to be more "street" and rebellious (see target user base).

Last year the site made history by introducing the internet's most retarded ban ever. As of 2008, over 36 year olds have been universally banned from the site solely due to their age. The reasoning for this ban is that it's "management" feared that everyone this age or over is bound to be a pedophile seeking to groom its predominant user base of under-18's. Therefore, under new UK laws, courtesy of FaceParty logic: a) every person over 36 with a social networking site is a suspected paedophile b) no one under this age could possibly ever be; and clearly, c) no actual peadophile would ever lie about their actual age as part of the online grooming process, why no, this has not been known to have happened before. Under these same new laws, it is however, perfectly acceptable for social network sites to subject its under-18 user base to various, excessive sexual content, coupled with frequent encouragement of posting indecent images of one another.
by deeaitch September 24, 2009
A social networking site where any female must take a picture of her cleavage regardless of her face and a guy must take a pic of himself stood in his boxers also regardless of his face and thus these lego people interract. Where bobfocs of both sexes meet if you will.

Women like drinking Lambrini and listen to Funky House like all responsible mothers do.

Men must take a picture of any performance car which they wish to own and then claim its their own to become popular.
Just spotted an amazing girl on Faceparty, tight pussy, nice titties, loves r n b and is 12 years old, I think I'm in!!

Fred, 51, from Coventry
by Spankchief July 28, 2009
A British social networking/dating website. Theres a few alright people but there are alot of pervs who message you asking if you got "cam" and slappers who have pictures of themselves standing in front of a mirror half naked taken with their mobile or just of ramdom body parts. There are also alot of bots trying to get desparate men to text to a preuium rate number to recieve a dirty vid.
Euh I saw her on Faceparty last night, posing in her undies :x
by Gemma1985 September 24, 2007
A site where you can post ur photo and meet people 4 sex....!
by Smita April 28, 2005
This is when you abuse cocaine for an extended amount of time... Coined by one of our good friends at MC... Also known as the Secret Society....
"Yo Edge, you down on a face party tonight?"
by edge November 26, 2004
Clearly the person that posted the definition calling Faceparty "tragic" is too ugly to make use of Faceparty's main benefit, namely its use as a forum for people to meet with a view to having totally meaningless sex.
"I went on Faceparty last night, met a chick and was round her house banging her face within the hour."
by Hoona April 05, 2005
A UK chat community populated by losers looking for a date over the internet, or people who spend every waking hour of their life talking to their buddies who they have never met. To add insult to injury the actual chat client is the buggiest piece of shit I have ever used. It makes getting into your desired chatroom an absolute chore due to the glitchy 20-user limit. (for example, if you can't get into a chatroom because it's full, then it suddenly drops, you still can't get in because it's broken)

The true geeks buy into FP's "Cool Tools", a small upgrade to FP accounts where you can use new icons, see who rated you a gimp, etc. Only the biggest idiot will actually use these tools to good effect - it's a chatroom, I really could care less about what icon I have next to my name. If I want my own icon and customized profile i'll just log onto AIM, thank you very much.
neo_tranz: well no id rather not waste my breathe...but thanks
bert_sykes2: breath?
bert_sykes2: it's a chatroom
bert_sykes2: you type
bert_sykes2: you don't speak
neo_tranz: how clever of u to notice
by DCI December 17, 2004
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