The act of using facebook to pleasure one's self to profile pictures of close relatives and/or friends.
Simple Jack goes through his newsfeed everyday to figure out whom to facenook to for the day
by TheGizMaster June 29, 2011
Top Definition
Acquiring a sexual partner on the online social community known as
I coped some of that facenook thanks to Fitt's profile.
by Antony_Anthony December 12, 2007
An annoying survey website that comes up if you accidentally type "" instead of "". Don't be fulled by facenook!
Billy: "Dude Facebook won't let me log on. It just keeps bringing up this stupid survey thing"

Joe: "No man, that's FACENOOK not facebook!"
by Dudeimeanreally January 02, 2011
vagina. a place many people enjoy using as a nook for their face(commonly in the act or oral sex).
Wally: Yo, so what's good witcha new girl?

Joe: Ahh, son, she's illin. Got that perfect face nook, nah mean?
by difi August 27, 2008
To aggressively stalk; i.e., to Facebook someone so thoroughly that one has virtually explored all possible nooks and crannies of the stalkee's Facebook personality.
"Dude, you should probably stop Facenooking her and just give her a damn call already."
by bostongirl2488 May 15, 2009
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