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On facebook when you read a conversation that happened between two people that you are not involved in. Similar to eavesdropping but on facebook.
I found out that he's already dating another girl when I was facedropping the other day.
#face #facebook #facedrop #facedropping #eavesdropping #eavesdrop #facedropped
by dottygirl August 20, 2009
To post a picture of yourself with a celebrety on Facebook. Like namedropping, but visual and on FB
Facedropping is using a picture of yourself and Adam Savage from Mythbusters as profile picture on FB
#namedrop #fleecedrop #facedorp #facebook #raindrop
by Gnubel October 06, 2009
(v) Adding friends on social networking sites for the sole purpose of implied connection (similar to namedropping)
Adding friends on Facebook simply to impress others
Ben: No way you know that dude. You're totally facedropping.

Ben: How annoying is that bitch man? She facedrops like it's her job
#namedropping #namedrop #facebookemon #posers #poseur
by YoungTooth April 06, 2009
When someone posts something on Facebook meant for another person but then a third party views, comments, and/or reposts it.

Similar to eavesdropping, but on Facebook.
Matt sent Cord a video. Dylan commented on it. That's Face-dropping.
#facebook #eavesdropping #face-dropping #face-drop #face-dropped
by McCabeBlahBlah December 20, 2010
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