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When your face touches your dick.
George had a facedick moment yesterday.
by MynoduespseudonyM February 10, 2009
43 5
When someone on Facebook is on some other Facebook user's dick.
Jane is on Bob's facedick, she likes all his statuses and photos.
by JO from RI September 12, 2012
5 1
When you try to *facedesk* and miss the desk.
Wow I hope nobody saw me facedick just a second ago.
by MasterBunny February 09, 2013
2 0
The most annoying someone or something that you know.
Scott:You know that Devin kid?
Rick: Yeah, he's such a fucking facedick.

This videogame is impossible, it's so annoying! It' such a facedick!
by BigRig January 01, 2008
6 13