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To be smacked in the face by a champagne/wine cork.

To painfully transform from full make-up to semi-make up in 0.5 seconds.

To point a champagne bottle inwards so as the cork targets one's eye.

Faceraped by champagne.

To become cyclops-like.

You, a champagne bottle, and some s and m.
All: "Yay happy birthday Emma!"
Emma: "Aw thanks, champagne for all!" *pops champagne cork violently in eye and collapses*

"Wow, what's wrong with that girl Emma?"
- "she walked into an airborne cork"

"Hey, isn't that Emma over there? What happened to her face?"
-"the champagne bottle called her a slut, then taught her a lesson."
"ha facecorking is fun to watch".
#facecorked #corked #champagne #face-smacked #bottle
by Corkfacayed March 13, 2011
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