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A Facebook-Wank. Masturbating to pictures of friends and vague associates on Facebook, often in practice a hurried search through profile pictures and other added photos, cock in one hand, mouse in the other, to find the best cleavage shot of a girl you really fancied back in school, university, or at an old place of work. Afterward, the facebwanker often feels a mixture of sadness, regret and just plain wrongness for his actions.
David was bored, horny and nostolgic, so decided to have a facebwank.

Matthew spent the afternoon facebwanking, as such sexual encounters were, although still ridiculously unlikely, still far more realistic than ever sleeping with any internet porn actresses.

If I catch you facebwanking to my photos again, my boyfriend's gonna fuck you up!
by AndyO May 02, 2008
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