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to headbutt using your face.

a failed headbutt which leaves ones self more injured than the opposing party.

a face plant into another human being.
bartender: hey guy, pretty nice fight you had last night, i liked that choke hold you put him in

guy: yeah thanks, i would have put him out sooner but my headbutt was more like a facebutt and i really messed up my nose
by Matt Huff April 17, 2010
The result of using facebook for 24 hours or more.
"I've missed work and I've been on this all last night. I found all the people I went to preschool with."

"Oh hey, you're really into some serious facebutt."
by diaflux July 23, 2008
1)The result of using Facebook to have sexual relations. 2) A person(s) sought after on Facebook to have sexual relations with.
I got some serious FACEBUTT last night thanks to Facebook!" or "Time to search for some FACEBUTT!
by MR.ZERO July 24, 2011
The result of using facebook for 24 hours or more.
"Dude, I've missed work and I've been on here all last night."

"Oh fuck, you got serious facebutt."
by diaflux July 20, 2008
1. Having a face tattooed on one's butt.
2. Having a pair of eyes on one or more butt-cheeks that when seen with the butt crack looks like a face.

3. Wrinkly or saggy butt that resembles a face.
1. Person: "I'm getting a facebutt tatoo of my girlfriend for Valentines Day to show how much I love her. "Other person:"AWWW that's so romantic."

2. Hey, check out my facebutt! I got it at the facebutt painting booth!

3. One time I walked in on my grandparents while they were naked and I saw their facebutts.

by insertopinionhere[ ] May 13, 2016
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