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Intervention designed to make the addicted person to understand life exist outside of face book.By using a professional facilitator with real friends and family who love and want their face bookie to come home to reality
I love Patti so much I had to have this facebookintervention to make her understand we are all sick of her stupid post,and to come back to us her husband and dogs Gus and Rufus.
by ceabel July 05, 2012
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When a friend and/or family member does not have a facebook and his or his friends and family make them have a facebook by forcibly creating one against their will.
Friend 1: Lily doesn't have a facebook yet.
Friend 2: We should make a facebook intervention!
Later in the day:
Lily: Hey guys!
Friends: We r making u a facebook!
Lily: O.o
by randomlala November 06, 2010
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