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Your FACEBOOKHOOD is the closest group of your facebook friends, those who usually appear in your newsfeed. If facebook is a big city, your facebookhood (facebook + neighborhood) are those you see in newsfeed every time you open facebook... your facebookies if you will
- Why are you making all those WWE references when talking about the BCS?

- What can I say, you're not the only wrestling expert in the facebookhood!!

- What's going on in the facebookhood?

- Right now, everybody in my facebookhood is asking cats to send them questions to their inbox and they'll reply to them in their statuses!

- So I heard your mom joined facebook?

- Yeah I know, I guess we'll have to watch out what we talk about in the facebookhood now that my mom can see the news feed!!
by el patron himself November 14, 2010
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