A word commonly used to describe hoes on Facebook.

Someone may qualify as a Facebook Hoe if they:
- Constantly post revealing photos of themselves with the intention of getting reactions and receiving attention, be it positive or negative
- Over-edit photos to create the illusion of being more physically attractive than they are off-line
- Are blatantly open about their unchanging DTF life style
- Make a point of letting everyone know just how little they take someone's opinion into consideration (only when it is negative)
- Occasionally or constantly post seemingly deep, meaningful, or heartfelt statuses and/or pictures of themselves to remind the world that attractive people have feelings, too
- Quote popular/well-liked songs (particularly deep, loving, overly-happy quotes; may also use quotes that are sad, bitchy, and/or "I don't give a shit about what you say" in nature)
- Can post a hideous photo of themselves with a self-destructive subtitle, and get numerous likes and reassuring comments on it
- Friend or unfriend people without any apparent causes (although it is often a case of liking someone based on physical appearance and/or life style, or ridding oneself of a "hater")
- Use "baby talk" to come across as being an adorable person
- Self-Destructive Comments:
"I look soooo fat in this picture!! ):"
"Ewwh, look at my hairr :P"
"Grossnessss to my outfit, buuuut ohwell!!"

- Baby Talk:
"I wuv you ((:"
"Awwwh, fanks ;)"
"Oh, I sowwy :/"
"Otay! :D"

Example 1:

Girl 1: "Guh-ross!! Look at this; 127 likes, 67 -and counting- comments..! And all it is is a picture of this fugly bitch sneering at a camera with her boobs hanging the fuck out!!" *gags*

Girl 2: "Ugh, I know!! And is that her TOILET in the background...? Like, what does that Facebook Hoe think she is??"

Example 2:

Guy 1: "Dude, look at this chick; her boobs are fucking HUGE!" *likes picture*

Girl 1: "Ummm, did you also happen to notice how ugly her face is?"

Girl 2: "Yeah, like, really. She looks like she's the child of Chucky and Anne Hathaway." *grimaces* "Total Facebook Hoe."

Guy 2: "Nahh, I mean.. It's not like, umm... She's not THAT... Oh. Hmmm- but just LOOK at those knockers!!"
by >>SLASH! GASH!<< ^.^= September 02, 2012
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A girl who puts expendably revealing or sexy pictures of herself on facebook for the sole purpose of receiving attention from guys because she needs to feel wanted, important, and/or attractive.

See attention whore
Guy 1: Dude, Jenny is a total facebook hoe
Guy 2: Yeah, she's a dumb slut. It's great.
by iheartfacebookhoes September 30, 2009
A Facebook Ho is that friend that adds all the hot guys/girls that you met or became friends with first.
Haley: Look who added me!! Isn't he cute?


*Ten minutes later*

Teresa: I just added him!!

by lollipop12 August 07, 2010

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