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The electronic space between accepting and rejecting a facebook friendship. In facebook limbo, the user fails to accept or reject friend requests from would-be facebook friends from a variety of sources (e.g., random annoying classmates, despised work associates, ex-girlfriends, etc), because the user is uncertain if he or she will have to interact with these individuals in the future.
(At the bar)
Jim: How about that new kid, Ryan. He's so cool.
Thom: I dunno man, he already tried to facebook me, wtf?
Jim: So?
Thom: So I'm leaving him in facebook limbo, I don't want him jo'ing to pictures of my drunk girlfriend...

(At the lunchroom)
Alex's Stalker Ex: Why didn't you add me to your friends on facebook? I friend requested you last week! I thought we were friends now! How come every day when I go through your whole list of friends I'm not on there?
Alex: Baby, it's okay, I just haven't had a chance to approve you.
by k.fizzle November 15, 2007
More popularly known as "facebook purgatory." You put someone in facebook purgatory the second time the friend request you after they have been denied, or whenever else you feel it necessary. This guarantees you never have to deny the person again, and at the same time they cannot hound you.
I was once friend requested by a girl 6 times. She was rejected 5 times and then finally on the 6th time I decided that was enough and now she is now eternally in my pending friend request area a.k.a. facebook limbo.
by the onion! December 16, 2007
If you get a friends request on Facebook, if you want to, you can refrain from either accepting or rejecting the request, instead keeping them hanging. Usually done 1) if you do not want to be friends with them, but it might cause trouble if you rejected them, or 2) if they already friended you a few times and you rejected them, yet they can't take a hint.

Note the subtle difference between Facebook limbo and Facebook purgatory: limbo is forever, whereas purgatory is not.
Check out my facebook limbo: my first grade teacher, my boss at work, that pothead from Last Chance State whom I always see at the bar, and the fat chick whom I already rejected three times.
by BGMan July 22, 2008
term for when you dont want to accept someones friend request on facebook, but you dont want to reject it either because it would be rude, so you just leave it in your notifications and dont touch it
My friends mom sent me a friend request on facebook, however i am leaving her in facebook limbo due to the fact that my mom and her are good friends, and i suspect my technology impaired mom to use someone else to track my facebook posts, and i dont want her to see them because she would ask a million questions about every one.
by footballkid001 October 28, 2009
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