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In reference to that individual whose ubiquity on Facebook includes, but is not limited to, the following: newsfeeds; friends lists; lists of mutual friends; discussion group posts; and walls. As such, they are universally recognized on campus and the feeling induced in the fortunate individual who spots an FBAS is akin to the feeling achieved during a celebrity sighting.
(The names of the following facebook all-stars have been altered to protect the innocent:)

Bark BcBharry
Bominique Buiz
Byler Brosser
Barren Bim
Burah Bijhang Byun
Banny Bisch
Bicola Bversa
by tommyTrojan October 01, 2007
A) someone who is always on facebook and joins every group their is and has over 1000 friends
B) someone who always talks about facebook or what they saw on facebook
I always see him on facebook he is a facebook all-star
by keegan ross February 19, 2010

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