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Search on on a social networking site.
I just needed to find out how hot Sandra's new boyfriend is, so I faceboogled him.
by FFalcon April 16, 2008
To ask a question on facebook when you know the real answer will be found on google.
Jack: What does this rash on my ass mean?!
Jill: I dunno! Google it. Don't faceboogle it.
by etceteraetceteraetcetera June 09, 2011
When a person, usually a young, blonde woman, uses facebook as if it were google by posting simple questions as her statuses, thereby asking her friends for the answer.
John: Did you see Derpina's status last night?

Joe: You mean the one that asked how many toes a cat has?

John: Yeah, that dumb bitch faceboogled.
by The_Faceboogler June 07, 2011
Faceboogling is what happens at the end of a porn movie, the Man faceboogles a woman, or boogles on a woman's face. Basically it means to cum on a woman's face, to faceboogle.
1. Man:I'm going to faceboogle you biatch!
Woman:Ok, just not in the eye.
2. Is there any faceboogling in that porn flick by the name "Pirates"?
3. I always practice safe faceboogling, by aiming away from the eyes, and toward the forehead.
by John, Merdock. April 16, 2008
An event that transpires following climax at the last scene of a pornographic movie.
Siskel and Ebert faceboogled on her at the end of that short film.
by fahrbot-bot April 16, 2008
when Google buys out Facebook, and the number one Website now owns the number Two website
They were a software developer working at Facebook, and they got lucky when Google bought out Facebook and became Faceboogle. Then they could say they work at Google. Plus, they have a "nap room" with recliners.
by Sylvia Fawkes March 12, 2016
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