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Same as kissing, but sounds cooler.
“May i challenge you to a face battle my good sir?”

"Me and this girl totally had a face battle last night! It was great!"
by MoreBoobs October 19, 2012
41 4
What we should use instead of kiss
We face battled roughly as we loved each other and couldn't stop the feeling
by Niall is a sexy fucker December 30, 2013
6 0
the act of attacking another's face intimately. No one ever wins, so it always calls for a rematch.
When I encountered my brother and his girlfriend engaging in a face battle, I slowly walked out.
by professional thumb wrestler June 11, 2014
1 0
A cooler version of the word "kiss".
Good day, lady, I challenge you to a face battle.
by z3r0phr34k February 08, 2014
2 1
The act of hijacking someone's Facebook profile update to argue over a point or political statement made in aforementioned update.
Friend X: Well, if you look at Glenn Beck's site, he clearly states the facts, blah, blah, blah
Friend Y: Glenn Beck is an idiot yadda, yadda, yadda
Friend Z: Guys, can you take your Facebattle private? I was just trying to tell everyone how bad the line was @ Shangri-la!
by KevNemo September 08, 2009
3 6