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Same as kissing, but sounds cooler.
“May i challenge you to a face battle my good sir?”

"Me and this girl totally had a face battle last night! It was great!"
by MoreBoobs October 19, 2012
What we should use instead of kiss
We face battled roughly as we loved each other and couldn't stop the feeling
by Niall is a sexy fucker December 30, 2013
the act of attacking another's face intimately. No one ever wins, so it always calls for a rematch.
When I encountered my brother and his girlfriend engaging in a face battle, I slowly walked out.
by professional thumb wrestler June 11, 2014
A cooler version of the word "kiss".
Good day, lady, I challenge you to a face battle.
by jacobiswiggy February 08, 2014
The act of hijacking someone's Facebook profile update to argue over a point or political statement made in aforementioned update.
Friend X: Well, if you look at Glenn Beck's site, he clearly states the facts, blah, blah, blah
Friend Y: Glenn Beck is an idiot yadda, yadda, yadda
Friend Z: Guys, can you take your Facebattle private? I was just trying to tell everyone how bad the line was @ Shangri-la!
by KevNemo September 08, 2009
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