1. An object (often involving a mechanism of some kind) which either functions inadequately or not at all;

2. A more polite (and perhaps slightly Yiddish) way of saying "fucked:" a circumstance, problem, or crisis to which there is no readily available or viable solution, the consequences of which are in some way unpleasant;

3. (rare; herb usage) The state of being intoxicated to the point of absurdity;
1. That door's completely facacked - it hasn't shut right since I moved in here.

2. When the kegs were confiscated by the cops, they knew there would be trouble - when they found the midget chained up in the basement, they knew they were facacked.

3. - Oh man - I was so facacked last night, I must have drunk a case to my neck?

- Who the fuck uses 'facacked' in that context? Why don't you just say 'hammered'?

by sassfactory August 05, 2008

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