a word that combines fabulous and fantastic. Used by most 12 year old girls who shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, but can't fit into their clothes anyway.
That sequins shoe is fabtastic! like O-M-G!
by weas June 19, 2005
Top Definition
Fabulously fantastic! (Combo of the two words 'cause saying both together is way too much!)
I spoke with him the other day. He's so fabtastic!
by Paddybainski August 06, 2006
someone or something that is so fantastic and so fabulous that its both!
that steak was so fabstatic.

Man I like you so much, i just want to say that your fabtastic.
by Nikhil Mathew February 13, 2007
It's the combination of "fabulous" and "fantastic".
I heard the pool at James crib is fabtastic!
by edamaslow December 28, 2010

Exceedingly fabulous and fantastic.
George’s joke this morning was Fabtastic
by George Boyle August 03, 2007
a really fab word. the combination of fabulous and fantastic.
my hair is so fabtastic!
by Hopee August 23, 2005
A word that combines the two words fabulous and fantastic. Can be a result of a typing error by typing too quickly and not looking at the keys. Made up by Emma and Mike.
You have a fabtastic body.
by Mike125 June 02, 2006

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