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Girls who are from Mexico. Mexican girls tend to be tanner and have larger asses than most other races in America. Also, Mexican girls are a garrunteed great date for a club, because they are awesome dancers. They could probably take on black girls and because their ass is already the black girl's main competition, and they work harder than any black girl i know.
A very common misconception is that Mexican girls are dirty and are taking jobs from Americans. But this is not true. Mexican girls are just sexy.
Boy: Man, i think i am gonna go ask Shaniqua to dance.
Boy2: Nah, you should probably ask Rosa to dance. She has more ass, and more rhythm.
Boy: Oh, yeah, always go with the mexican girls.
by weas September 16, 2005
A catholic school girl is a girl who attends a catholic school. The girl is usually good-looking and has many secrets. At catholic schools, the girls try extra hard to look good because thats the only way to stand out with those fugly uniforms.
Boys are especially attracted to the catholic school girls because of Britney's Spears' music video a couple of years ago.

p.s. Catholic school girls are not sluttier than public school girls.
boy1: damn, sally looks fine today!! her skirt is extra short!

boy2: yeah, man. its so fucking sexy.
by weas August 10, 2005
a word that combines fabulous and fantastic. Used by most 12 year old girls who shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, but can't fit into their clothes anyway.
That sequins shoe is fabtastic! like O-M-G!
by weas June 19, 2005

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