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fabulous, casually fun, nicely talkative, uses gestures for effect. Shes pretty, nice, and fun.
fabiola is fun to talk to.
by sorta-ish April 06, 2009
456 169
Little Sparkal
When you sparkal the room by walking in
Dang, that girl is fabiola!
by titineaka May 10, 2007
377 121
The best.
That movie was fabiola!

Those shoes are FABIOLA!

Aww, that baby looks fabiola.
by farbles chay February 05, 2010
281 152
Fabiola is a Tall attractive girl. She has mystery in her eyes yet mixed with a bit of fierceness. Guys will most often fall hard for this girl and if she feels the same way about them, they will have the time of their lives. Fabiola is a sweet sincere person, she always says the truth and never lets her friends down. Many guys secretly love her, yet don't know how to approach her. She can be loud at times and yet also shy. Fabiola is an awesome partner in bed. Fabiola's beauty is natural. She has great features including her killer smile, she is all a guy wants and is most likely a model.
Yesterday I slept with Fabiola and had the time of my life.

Fabiola is beautiful inside an out, she is the defintion of beauty.

I want to be friends with Fabiola.
by RockyBlueJones February 03, 2013
133 27
an exclamation of joy, wonderment, and flowing locks, inspired by something glorious such as the sudden appearance of Fabio, male model extraordinaire
Fabiola! All of Merlin in one boxset? Just - Fabiola.
by GMCourf June 18, 2013
22 16
a spanish girl who loves reeses and absolutely loves music. also a skank
hey do you know bout that fabiola?" "yea I heard she was a skank
by Puepsi February 20, 2011
75 178
Someone who speaks with a pitch higher than a dog wistle.

warning--> if you see a fabiola, run. run fast.
tell that fucking fabiola to shut the fuck up

person 1: MeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMe
(glass breaks)
person 2: you just broke the window with your fabiola voice!!
by Flavia (flava flav) April 17, 2006
59 331