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A term used in reference to a group of kids usually 14-24. Short for "fashioncore". Said kids are similar to the "hardcore" kids but with shallower taste in music and more emphasis on the fashionable part of looking hardcore.

eg. boys in girl jeans, white studded belts and too-tight band shirts
girl 1: wow look at that hardcore boy in the corner

girl 2: naw, he's just a little fXc bitch. i bet he's never even heard the band on his t-shirt
by Gracietyped August 04, 2005
short for fashioncore
Those Seven jeans are so fxc. Eighteen Visions would be proud.
by redefined September 07, 2004
Refers to anything to do with scene royalty, Fritzxcore.
Yeah your new jacket is so fxc! I saw Fritzxcore at a club last week wearing one just like it!
by SethSuicideee December 01, 2007
A guy that made out of with, but fish like. So, now it's fish core foe life yo yo
fXc foe life yo yo erat erat erat
by Gabba February 27, 2005
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