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The sound in which you make when using a road cone as a bull horn before sending the cone out of your car window.

See f00ping
Beef put the cone to his mouth and yelled 'f00p' just before it went flying towards the driveway.
by ylnosnac April 05, 2006
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the sound of bleeping out the "f" word Same meaning as the "f" word
i want to f00p you in the bum bum
by Justy Z, ye ye ye February 20, 2005
Used as an alternative for the F-WORD, adapted from sensorship from TV, when a mid to high pitch bleep sound was used to cover up swearing. Great for when kids are around.
f00p you, you f00pin' f00p face!
mommy, what did he just say?
by rzn February 20, 2005

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