the way in which children under 10 say the word "fuck" also the way faggots or "special"(retarded) pepople say fuck. some people will say that moral and decent people say f*** instead of FUCK but these are the people who ate alone at teh loser table in the high school cafeteria, they are also unloved and just basically stupid faggot niggers. they also rode the small bus to school. ohhh...i almost forgot "f***" means "fuck" in case u forgot
Faggit: i dont say fuck i say f*** cuz im gay
Othe rperson:" shut the fuck up!
by niggerburnin January 25, 2006
Top Definition
How moral people write the word fuck.
I don't give a f*** about what you're saying.
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
a stupid stupid way of not saying fuck. what the hell? u affraid of a word, pussie? and dont come with the old excuse of morality. no ones buying it.
f*** u, pig!
by zzzzzzzz...boring October 29, 2003
A gay ass way of saying Fuck. Usually used by fucktards who are too pussy to say any bad word or the actual word fuck and/or believe in their morals.
Fucktard:F*** i'm a F***ing f***tard.
by Suicide_Machine14 February 22, 2005
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