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very lame, unfortunate or of low importance. An abbreviation of "F*cking weak".
That show last night was horrible, in fact, it was downright f'weak!

Peeps are STILL talkin' 'bout Kanye, who cares!?! That's so f'weak!!! (guarantee he'll have a single w/ Swift!!!)
by nibblicious September 19, 2009
to ruin something
bob fweaked his essay for english after spilling coffee on it.
by Zkix Kidd February 21, 2010
a person who considers themselves somewhat a freak, but with a little extra. not considered a freak but all, but by some. the w stands for a great love of weezer. =w=!
gosh, do you see that girl chasing rivers cuomo? she's such a fWeak!
by smoh. March 02, 2003
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