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archaic term: eyebrow

noun: the mustache like hair that grows above each eye
hey dude, nice eyestache
by nutella_nut May 12, 2011
n. 1. Another name for "unibrow",

2. A term used for describing an eyebrow line that has no definition of duplicity, very well looking just like a typical mustache (i.e.: one solid eyebrow from temple to temple, for some misfortunate humans)

May also be used as a verb, as in: growing an eyestache; eyestaching

Any and all future use of the term "eyestache" for advertising, marketing or profiting shall solely be.the property of A____ M______ R_____, as noted by legal trademark of the name Eyestache™.
Sentence example:

"That eyestache could use a bit of a trim before he gets poked in the eye by a rogue hair"
by murdock421 May 11, 2013
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