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finding oneself at the opticians, trying on eyeglasses and being unable to perceive how a particular style of glasses make you look like a fucking dork, dweeb, owl; e.t.c.

as an eyeglass wearer, some of the hardest work i've ever done!!...eyeglasses are very much like picture frames, which can either compliment or un-compliment a painting. -plus, one can't see 100% while looking at/through frames with no lenses!! (contacts easy to love!, but twice the money and appointments...-then there is laser surgery!)

i always had trouble appreciating the 'older womens' glasses from yesteryear, that had upside-down stems and were HUGE; making someone look a bit like an owl!!
she was taking the eyeglass challenge, and ended up choosing a pair that made her face look severely pinched!

he chose a pair of glasses during the eyeglass challenge that were the absolute 'most' for his face, but cost $500

she found a pair of glasses during the eyeglass challenge, that lent themselves to a 'slut' look!
by michael foolsley June 26, 2011