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A fart sound made occasionally by rubbing your eyes with the base of your thumb. Almost always an accident and if you try to do it again it never seems to work. Bummer.
"Dad it's ok it was just an eyefart!"

"Dude she was totally into me until i ripped an eyefart and she ran away crying"

Roddick angrily complained to the chair umpire that a group in the audience kept letting off eyefarts when he was about to serve.
#rub #eye #pop #crack #fart
by Sammy McSkipjack July 24, 2010
The sound made by placing your palm over your eye socket and causing a vacume to occour so that when you depress your hand a fart noise is admitted as the air escapes, particularly suited to people with deep set eyes and prominent brows.
Eye fart eye fart hand air
#i #eye #fart #eyefart #eyeart #hand #air
by Philfee November 30, 2013
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