The "cream of the fight, rising up to meet the challenge of our rivals".
If you've ever been to an American high school basketball game, watched one of the "Rocky" movies (I don't know which one it was), or listened to the radio enough you've probably heard this song playing. (It's by the band Survivor, who appear to have been a one-hit-wonder.) It's all about fighting for your life and your dreams, or something like that.
The "eye of the tiger" can be anything that's a really big challenge that you must overcome to reach the top, or your full potential as a person.
"It's the eye of the tiger it's the cream of the fight/ Rising up to meet the challenge of our rivals"- Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger"
by killerfiller December 02, 2005
When you wake up in the morning, walking to go take a piss, and ur dick pops out that hole in the middle of your boxers.
My mom gave me a hug this morning, and she saw my eye of the tiger
by pimpdaddy1236943 June 02, 2009
The eye of the tiger is what Rocky Balboa became.
Rocky is the eye of the tiger!
by PokeHomsar February 25, 2007

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