the stuff on the sides of your eyes sometimes when you wake up.
she woke up and had eye boogers from sleeping so long
by karate December 07, 2003
Top Definition
Little balls of mucus found in the inner corners of ones eyes, usually noticed when one first wakes up
I have eye boogers.
by fgsdfhsh July 08, 2003
Those little green crusties that form on your eyes, most often when you wake up in the morning.
"Dude, you've got some major eye boogers. Nasty."
by Sheila Serio September 30, 2004
the plica (PLY-ka) semilunaris (sem-ee-LOO-ner-is), which is located around the eye makes eye mucus or waste
There is a big piece mucus in the corner of your eye, it must have taken the plica semilunaris a long time to make it.
by smarty:P March 01, 2004
Another name for sleep in your eye; it resembles a desiccated (dried up) booger from your nose.
Hold on a moment; let me get this eye booger out of my eye!
by Telephony April 26, 2014
Mucous usually found in the corner of the eye, although not uncommon to also be discovered in the eyelashes.

When dry they will simply flake off and fall away from the eye, however if they are moist they can be difficult to remove without washing with warm water. Common to "pink eye" also known as conjunctivitis.

See also: crackles
Damn baby, WTF is up with those eye boogers? You been asleep the whole day?

Homey just rolled in here picking his eye boogers talkin' 'bout 'I din here nothin' 'bout no damn time change!'
by TheWordDr October 21, 2009
Nasty stuff you can have fun with taking out after you wake up.
EEwww... I hate these eye boogers.
by maurin August 21, 2005
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