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to flirt with a guy or girl using only your eyes, usually across a crowded room or area ie a party
ex: man, i've been playing eye tag with her all night but she hasn't come over yet.
by jordynpaige December 06, 2007
31 14
To make eye contact with someone of the opposite sex randomly for a extended amount of time without ever speaking. ( It doesn't matter the distance between the two people)
I could tell this girl in my english class wanted my bod by the way we were playing eye tag.
by Psi Beta Stephenson January 16, 2010
15 1
to look at someone, and look away when they look back. then have someone look at you, and look away when you look back.
girl: *looks at guy*
guy: *looks at girl*
girl: *looks away*
guy: *thinks to self* eye tag?
by itsMadstar January 19, 2014
1 0