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An extreme sport. This is possibly the most hardcore sport on the planet. Its is known mostly to the country of Switzerland and their hardcore olympic gold medalist team. Canadians suck at this sport, naturally, because they suck at everything. It is also very popular sport in the state of New Jersey. This sport was pioneered by a kid named bill. No body knows his lat name.
I did a inverted 360 full board varial off of a 50 cliff yesterday when i was extreme sledding.
#extreme #sled #sledding #snow #sports
by Bill Cassie December 19, 2006
Extreme sledding is when you tie a sled to the back of a truck and get pulled around on it.
Last weekend my buddys and I went extreme sledding and we got up to 55 mph with me on the back.
#extreme sledding #sledding #sport #winter #snow #funny #fast
by ThePatriot1991 February 19, 2010
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