a non-blood relative or family friend that's given more attention and privileges than a blood family member or family members related by marriage.
a close family female friend of the family that has more input and influence than a daughter in law or her children. An extra insinuates herself/himself as a "family member" but has other motives that aren't readily seen.
by JennyWenny December 04, 2007
special, super, completes Lucky, Emily
Emily is the extra to Lucky
by Lucky N. January 26, 2007
Very or alot as in a characteristic.
Masha is extra crippled.
by Da_Killah October 27, 2004
Call girls: adapted from the use of "extra" in the film industry. Gay rappers will often need to hire a crowd of "extras" so that they look cool when they go partying because the rappers are too ugly and suck too much to attract hot groupie bitches.
the girls think I'm extra pretty
How I know? I ain't got no extra wit me, oh
-MASE, "Breathe, Stretch, Shake"
by Notorious BAP March 19, 2006
latin for beyond or outside.
'extra quam , extra quam si', except, unless; prep. with acc., beyond, outside of, without; except for; 'extra iocum', joking apart
by infested_one December 20, 2004
the little tiny last ball of shit that won't go down the toilet no matter how many times you flush!!
"Peter, honey, come for dinner!"
"Hold on mom, I have to get rid of this extra!"
by mmm January 28, 2004
the skin on the end of your penis that hangs off the tip and smells really bad. Often resembles a turtle neck sweater or the snout of an anteater.
Cut that extra off Rickel before I pull it over your head and suffocate you with it.
by Rickel March 12, 2005

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