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-noun ik-sploh-si-gan-zuh

the obvious combining of the words {explosion} and {extravaganza}

Explosiganza is a word used to describe a last-minute and/or extravagant sales event. It is most commonly used as a promotional tool to push product of questionable quality. hence, the term is used in hopes of boosting the products overall value. (example: a local car dealership might claim to have recently suffered a major catastrophe; as a result, they hold a going-out-of-business EXPLOSIGANZA.)

The word is very flexible by nature and can also be used interchangeably to describe anything from a lemonade stand to the war in Iraq
"allright, we've got a pile of about 100 dead laptops that have been sitting in the back of the warehouse for at least 6 months. how are we gonna get rid of all this crap? oooh! I've got an idea! Johnson, I want you and the new guy to separate those machines into lots and sell them on eBay. We'll call it THE LAPTOP EXPLOSIGANZA!"
by David Cummings December 14, 2006

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