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When someone uses too many exclamation points in a paragraph, or uses unnecessary exclamation points, and you want them to explain why the need for all the excitement.

Common side effect: Topic ADHD
Jenny: Hey! I went to the mall today! Puppies are funny! Want to see a movie! I'm eating pretzels!

Rachel: Uh, explanation point....

Jenny: I drank 9 Red Bulls

(other typical answers include: I'm drunk/high/just met my dream guy etc)
by ItsMeHiHi December 14, 2009
1. point of punctuation ; (!)
gurl1; leettz hang out pleesshh ?!!
gurl2; holla ! im so0o0o excited ; explanation point !!!!!!!!!
by maureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! September 26, 2009