To hit someone so hard you release the demons inside them.
I gave that mouthy bitch an exorcism!
by black jacks August 11, 2010
Top Definition
The act of driving out a demon or other supernatural entity using the Roman Ritual as prescribed by the Catholic Church.
Well, there are other options. Have you ever heard of exorcism? It's an ancient ritual by which a priest can expel this invading spirit.
by GuidoPosse69 February 16, 2005
Exorcism is the act of casting out demons... not only by Catholics but born-again Christians as well.

I can see how people would doubt it and call it a myth or what not, because it's just one of those things you have to see for yourself...

I was the same way until I saw it happen in real life, mind you I am not religious at all. Infact I'm sure if I wouldn't have seen it happen I wouldn't believe it either.
In case you're wondering, no it's not like the movie "The Exorcist"
by dunno April 11, 2005
When it damn near takes divine intervention to get rid of your ex-boy/girlfriend.
Gina called me 34 fuckin' times yesterday. I need a major Ex-orcism from that bitch!
by I Am The Ax October 05, 2011
When a Male ejaculates into his own hand, and begins the motion of frantically flicking his own semen into his sexual partners face, screaming "The power of christ compels you!" or, "The Devil is a liar!".
I gave Barbara the best Exorcism of her life last night, it was messy bro.
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by vaginawizard June 16, 2016
when a girl is giving you a blow job and you vomit on her head
Nancy thought she was just giving a blowjob, until I turned it into an exorcism.
by reddog9250 July 27, 2011
shitting, excreting (turkish).
in turkish 'excorcism' is translated as 'bringing out the devil/foul spirits from someone/something'. so figure out resemblance with 'shitting'/'excreting' :).

evocation may be used for similar purpose
I'm going to WC, i have some 'exorcism' to do.
by thesappho March 26, 2009
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