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When someone uses this word, you know that they are trying to make themselves look smart. If someone says it in a speech or something, everyone else's jaws drop and they point and say, "OH MY GOD!! BIG WORD!!!"

"Exolopical" is most appropriately used in a persuasive speech, but is a very dexterious word, since it has no real meaning, just a purpose. It is most properly used in proximity with the word "indubitably", which is real, and should be ass ociated with the ZFNNANLWPD and the phrase "reverse the curse".

This word was created by one Dylan Forest while writing a speech about world literacy, and it kicks ass.
Listen, dipshit, you're exolopical actions are indubitably unforgivable. I'm telling you man, the ZFNNANLWPD will hunt you down and reverse the curse, and they don't give a damn how loud you scream.
by the minority November 19, 2004
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