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What happens at the end of a very very very strong curry.

Upon exit of the curry from the digestive system, a particularly potent meal the night before will result in pain in the exit area.

I can't put it any nicer
Dude, that vindaloo last night was dodgy. This morning I had exit wounds
by Thatoneoverhere May 04, 2008
(n.) the brown mark left behind in your underpants when the tip of a turd decides to slide out of your asshole, breach the ass cheek barrier, and scrape the cloth of your underpants.
fella #1: dude, my girlfriend was hogging the bathroom this morning before work and i really had to make duty. it was almost a disaster.
fella #2: you didn't crap your pants did you?
fella #1: no. when i finally got in the bathroom my underwear only had an exit wound in 'em. luckily, it wasn't a full blown shit fest.
fella #2: ...i would've just taken the dump in her shoes.
by fackyou2 September 17, 2009
1. A wound caused by a bullet that goes through a part of the human body. Especially painful if caused by a hollow.
2. (pl) A very, very bad movie.
1. That hollow sure caused some nasty exit wounds ...

2. Man, I just watched Exit Wounds, and it was very, very bad. Exit wounds totally sucked.
by randomboy March 31, 2004