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1. n. a place to put your finished hot wing bones.
2. n. slang term for a gay man's asshole. the implication is that many penises (hot, meaty boners) have been (or are currently) inside of said asshole.
guy #1: we ate a lot of wings. this bone bucket is full. we need a new one.
guy #2: frenchie's "bone bucket" is ALWAYS full.
guys #1, #2, #3, and #4 (pointing at frenchie): HAHAHAHA!!
frenchie (with sad face): yes. yes it is.
by fackyou2 June 10, 2009
1. a homosexual male
2. a man who thoroughly enjoys having another man's penis shoved in his various orifices.
Guy #1: So...that guy they call "Frenchie" is a real pillow pony.
Guy #2: Really? You mean he likes it when other dudes cram their di...
Guy #1: Yes.
by fackyou2 April 21, 2009
(n.) the brown mark left behind in your underpants when the tip of a turd decides to slide out of your asshole, breach the ass cheek barrier, and scrape the cloth of your underpants.
fella #1: dude, my girlfriend was hogging the bathroom this morning before work and i really had to make duty. it was almost a disaster.
fella #2: you didn't crap your pants did you?
fella #1: no. when i finally got in the bathroom my underwear only had an exit wound in 'em. luckily, it wasn't a full blown shit fest.
fella #2: ...i would've just taken the dump in her shoes.
by fackyou2 September 17, 2009

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