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Pleasuring oneself with inordinate or excessive frequency, if such a thing is possible.
After finally landing in prison, it was poetic justice when Short Eyes was taught that sodomy is exasturbation's scarier, more aggressive, inbred homo cousin.
by Sluggo December 18, 2004
When someone is telling an obviously embellished story to stroke their own ego and/or make themselves look good, but they end up looking like a douche canoe instead.
Every time I hear Brian's skydiving story he adds in new exaggerations. I wish he would stop with the exasturbation.
by OblongShlong August 02, 2013
Excessive masturbation,
Pleasuring oneself repetitively to the point of an obsession.
ex. exasturbation is common on Christian campuses.

origin: LWJS 2343
by Suite of Scandle April 28, 2009