This term refers to a former spouse in which the person speaking declares that they still have a sexual relationship after the divorce. THis is a spin-off from friends with benefits.
Jack and I had a naughty weekend. He's my ex with benefits.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy February 06, 2010
Top Definition
After a breakup of a couple, remain close friends, but still practice some form of physical closeness. Can occur any time after breakup.
John: "Mary, what are you and Joe doing under that blanket? I thought you two were broken up?"

Mary: "We are; ex with benefits."
by blackdeathmessenger December 09, 2009
when a girl /boy break up , but remain practicing getting physical together ! !!
for example

jade: " Hey shannon what are you still doing making out with george ?! , i thought you guys just broke up !!!"

shannon" yea we did , he's my ex with benefits , now!!"
by funckygirl December 06, 2009
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