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Your ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend whom you dont want to recall. They've been ex-ed.. NEXTT.
J: whos been bothering you?
E: The annoying ex factor.
by JordanLo February 03, 2008
1. a feeling of nausea when being near an ex wife, husband, etc...

2. to vomit from being near an ex wife, husband, etc...

3. picking up new potential dates in a place that your ex wife/husband frequents and trying to be sneaky about it
"Dawn was feeling fine until she saw him and was struck with the ex-factor."

Person 1: Why is Dawn puking? Tequila?
Person 2: Nope...ex-factor...

"Brad was trying to scan for a woman, but he had to be sneaky due to the potential ex-factor in the room."
by jookie & dawn December 30, 2008
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