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1.) A woman/man that you have been lusting over, but too shy to confront, or, she/he seemed to look like the perfect person, untill you lose interest and see how shitty they are.
Person A: I'm gonna talk with becky...

Person B: No man, she's my ex-crush...

Person A: I still don't understand what you're saying, i mean, she's beautiful.

Person B: She'll use her good looks to draw you in, she's casting her line.

A: Whatever man, I'm going after her...

(The relationship lasts 4 weeks before she calls it quits. A is a bitter person during and a little bit after the relationship.)

Person B: And what was the lesson that we learned today?

Person A: You're right, she's a hoe, and i understand why you classified her as your ex-crush. Let us not speak about this moment ever again.
by The dude with a plan November 20, 2014
Someone who you used to have a crush on and is currently:

a) a friend

b) a person you never even talk to

c) a jerk

d) a completely immature person
a) You: Hey there!

ex crush: 'Sup?

b) Friend: You know Aaron?

You: Aaron who...oh, right, that guy!

c) Friend: Did you hear Ben shoved Chris yesterday?

You: That son of a bitch!

d) Friend: Danny left home last week because his mom wouldn't give him a car.

You: *rolls eyes*
by honestasacandor April 12, 2014
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