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A word used as a substitute for the long "Oohkay?". It is used when you have to say ew at the same time.

Girl 1: I LAVV TWILIGHT!!!!1
Girl 2: Ewkay...
#ewk #oohkay #ewok #ew #okay
by Pluvieux223 June 11, 2010
Imagine a scenario where someone has just said something that has left you weirded out, disgusted and speechless. In normal circumstances a simple 'okay' would suffice, however, a combination of 'ew' and 'okay' creates the perfect word to come to terms with what you just heard.
Freak: Popping zits makes me horny

You: Ewkay... *leaves*
#ew #okay #awkay #ewkward #ewww #ohkay #kay
by Thatguy454 June 18, 2015
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