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A mon or woman that has many random relationships with people online and over emails, but has never actually met these people in real life. In other words....pathetic
Oh shes an e-whore, shes always talking to some random guy she met over the internet.
by Kerr June 25, 2005
usually one who is an internet attention whore.
Krystal is an ewhore!
by wolfy April 15, 2005
Someone who prostitutes their presence on the internet...either for attention, money, or for malicious intent.
You're in your regular internet chat room of choice. Someone that hardly anyone knows joins and starts talking to anyone and everyone as if they're just as cool as the regular people in the chat room.


People who join chat rooms and ask people to visit their website...also can be termed a spammer
by duggera June 10, 2005
One who can be classified as a whore in the context of internet "face time." Where the so-called "ewhore" battles ceaselessly for attention through employing one of a plethora of "hooking" techniques such as forum whoring, IRC whoring, and many others.
After upping his post count in the forums, ******* Banana * spent the next four hours typing erroneous messages in IRC and annoying the hell out of ops.
by Little Tortilla Boy June 10, 2005
A woman whom your buddy meets from an online dating service, who you do not like.
So, you're blowing off your friends to go out with that eWhore again, huh?
Electronic prostitution in exchange for gear and items in a game. The e-whore shouldn’t ever be confused with it’s an entrepreneur counterpart in real life seeing as in reality prostitutes actually get something of value out of it. But with the risk of STIs.
How do they “sell” their bodies without having anyone physically touch them? Webcam.

They,turn on a webcam and remove clothing, give false satisfaction to someone else without any emotional attachment from either end. So there you have it folks a prime definition of an e-whore ^^
by AtrociousAntics August 15, 2010
Someone who flirts and acts sexually suggestive to a large number of women all at the same time over the Internet using things such as MySpace and MSN to charm the ladies to fall for him and have them fighting over him. They must be only doing this online to make them an official "E-Whore"
Ryan - "When I go online I get like 5 chicks talking to me as soon as I log in..."

Gunther - "That's because you're such an E-Whore"
by Palathor October 05, 2006