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Makes other players, more specifically Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 players look extremely talented. Is also commonly known as a "Video Gamer Jobber".

These Enhancement Talent Shock's are not bad on purpose, but truly think they're the best and use excuses to explain their losses.
Wow, did you see Arion beat that 15 year Mortal Kombat Vet 2 tournaments in a row? He only picked up the game 3 months ago!

Oh, thats just ewashock, he just puts on the events and is not a real player, he is just an Enhancement Talent Shock player otherwise known as a "Video Game Jobber" and plays only to fill out the brackets.

Oh ok, I understand now!!
by vVvREO August 20, 2011
A EWAShock also known as a "Video Game Jobber" is someone who makes other players look good. Unlike an actual "jobber", a EWAShock doesn't lose on purpose, but truly believes they are the best.
Person 1
"Did you go to that tournament last weekend? Man, I felt like I was in a room full of EWAShocks!"

Person 2
"That's funny, was he convinced he was still better than you after you beat him?"
by Big Bob Schlacci August 18, 2011

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