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a polish girl
If your lucky you will have an Ewa has a best friend
I wish I had an Ewa

Lego my ewa

Get your own Ewa
by rhcp_chic May 03, 2005
The most amazing girl ever. Plus, she speaks some beastly Polish, which is pretty damn sexy.
Farzy: Yo, you're so jealous of me and Ewa.
Fiance: Excuse me? Do you even know her last name?
Farzy: Yeah, man, its...
Manders: She doesn't wanna talk to you.
Fiance: You don't believe in contraception, manders. PS- nice clothes.
Farzy: Haha, you said contraception. Thats like rods and holes.
Fiance: Dumbass.
by Ewa's Fiance May 06, 2006
The most beautiful girl you will ever see, she can seem shy at first but once you get to know her you will soon find yourself madly in love with her. She is committed and an amazing girlfriend and if you are lucky enough to have her, then you will already know by now that she is a keeper. She has an amazing personality, beautiful eyes, amazing lips, perfect hair and she sure as hell knows how to kiss.
Boy 1: josh, your girlfriend is well fit

Josh: shes an ewa, of course she is

Boy 1: im so jealous
by PUBLISHTHIS February 02, 2014
A Place of straight killas
"fuck anybody come down and well murder yall" as said by a Ewa Boy
by Killamo May 19, 2008
it's a slang that is only used by people from western Saudi Arabia "Jeddah" and it means: yes, what's up or ok
1- when someone calls your name, you respond E-Wa
2- when you agree with someone or something, you also say E-Wa
by Mazin Quddus August 05, 2006
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