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Me, Not Micheal
"I am the true evoD"
by Tim Mahan December 04, 2003
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To get to a state of the highest fulfilment or in most cases drunk beyond repair
"Man I had 12 beers, 10 shots and 8 double vodkas last night, I was completely Evo'd"

"Wow he just spent his taxi money home on more alcohol he is going to be Evo'd later"
by Evo'd May 24, 2009
10 2
Dude...hes the one who started the name...dude..come on...AND IM NOT FAT!! just big boned...and my mom says i dont look it
...dont call me fat....fag
by Tim...again December 09, 2003
3 7
Dark Uncle is the true evoD. Not that fat fuck nor that other guy.
yes, the true evoD is Dark Uncle.
by Dark Uncle February 23, 2004
2 8